Turn Earth Green

Help Green a Family!!!

We are proud to offer our Green a Family Program through our online donation system. 100% OF ALL ONLINE DONATIONS will go toward helping families in need! Introducing and donating energy efficient products to reduce monthly expenses, providing assistance in creating a more sustainable household, or simply assisting in anyway we can just to bring a smile to their faces is how each dollar will be put to use.

Bring a Smile to Someone’s Face

Often you hear of families who are trying their hardest to make ends meet. People who are honest, hard working, humble individuals who were unfortunately put in situations that they had no control over. Whether it be unexpected unemployment, medical emergencies, or just a stroke of bad luck, our Green a Family Program allows us to help those in need. At Turn Earth Green, we truly feel as though giving back to others creates a feel good feeling that is priceless. Seeing the smiles and appreciation of those helped keeps this program going. Help us bring smiles to families in need with our Green a Family Program!

Donate now and we will put your 100% tax-deductible contribution toward helping those in need by:

  • Donating energy efficient products such as residential solar panels, programmable thermostats, LED lightbulbs, and ceiling fans to help reduce utility bills
  • Donating Energy Star appliances to help with daily family living
  • Donating Eco-Friendly clothing, toys, and household products
  • Donating Organic food to ensure their pantries are well stocked
  • Simply brightening up their day by surprising them with your donations!