Turn Earth Green


As globalization makes the world become smaller, it becomes increasingly easy to see how the lives of people (and plants and animals and ecosystems) everywhere are closely synced up with one another. Toys made in China can affect the quality of life in Europe, pesticides used in the U.S can affect the health of people in Japan, and greenhouse gas emissions from Australia can affect a diminishing rainforest in Brazil.

The truth is that everything we do every day has an impact on the planet — good or bad. The good news is that as an individual or corporation, you have the power to control most of your choices and, therefore, the impact you create: from where you live to what you buy, eat, and use to light your home or business can have global impact.

The bottom line is it benefits everyone on the planet to help keep people educated and aware of the effects of pollution and start training individuals to start making a difference now!

By getting involved in one of our Green programs below, you can help contribute to a cleaner environment while making a lasting impact on our planet!

Feel Good Going Green

We are proud to provide our Feel Good Going Green program which creates the ultimate win, win, win, scenario. Through this program, we help other Non Profit Organizations develop into environmentally and financially sustainable operations. Organizations such as homeless shelters, youth centers, medical facilities, and churches are just some organizations we will be assisting. By creating a sustainable environment for these select organizations, it will reduce both their monthly expenses and their environmental impact. With our coaching and guidance, these organizations will not only make a positive impact on the environment, they will also lower their monthly expenses, in turn allowing more of their precious funds to go towards their mission. This is just our little way of giving back to those who are making a positive impact in our communities. Our Feel Good Going Green Program will:

  • Provide an on site assessment of your establishment making recommendations on different products and systems to maximize your sustainability, energy efficiency, and waste management
  • Introduce, educate, and assist in the implementation of alternative energy systems to reduce monthly utility expenses
  • Identify all federal, state, and local tax incentives for sustainable and alternative energy products and systems
  • Educate your team members on how to maintain and participate in programs introduced
  • Provide a full project report including projected annual financial and environmental savings

Recipes for Recycling

Everyone knows that recycling glass, plastic, and paper is a necessity to create a cleaner environment. But along with these materials, we also must realize the impact we face when food scraps are not recycled. Our Recipes for Recycling program will focus on educating establishments on glass, paper, cardboard, plastic, and food scrap recycling. By educating establishments on the most efficient processes will allow them to benefit both environmentally and financially. This program will be focusing on larger establishments such as restaurants, hotels/resorts, and other establishments in which food and beverage products are heavily used. The benefits of implementing our Recipes for Recycling Program:

  • Creates a healthier and cleaner environment by reducing waste
  • Achieve LEED points toward your establishment
  • Save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on waste removal fees
  • Increase Green publicity for your establishment
  • Earn Federal, State, and Local financial incentives
  • Enhance your establishment’s reputation with its customers, employees, and surrounding community

Cleaner & Smarter

With the threat of global warming looming over the horizon and energy prices sky rocketing, we all must consider new alternative energy sources. There are quite a few reasons to pursue such a program such as our Clean and Smarter program. Whether it be to help cut fossil fuel emissions or save money on your utility bills at home we plan to introduce products that help reduce emissions and resources. Our Cleaner and Smarter program will focus on the introduction of Green technology to various establishments. From vertical wind turbines, waste oil generators, and water saving technologies, we will depend on our research and development team to keep introducing products which will benefit our clients the most. Products such as Hi-Energy’s vertical wind turbine which in field tests have proven to produce more energy with less amounts of wind than traditional turbines. Also the Vegawatt Cogeneration system which takes a dining establishment’s waste vegetable oil and produces on site hot water and energy. Our goal is to make establishments aware that there are products and the technology out there that will benefit their businesses or establishments both environmentally and financially.

Cleaner & Smarter Products

Vegawatt Cogeneration System http://www.vegawatt.com Vegawatt™, the innovative new cogeneration system for restaurants and food service facilities, uses your waste cooking oil as a readily available source of fuel to generate on-site electricity and hot water, saving your restaurant thousands of dollars as well as providing a clean, renewable source of energy.

Hi-Vawt Wind Turbines http://www.hi-vawt.com.tw These vertical wind turbines use the aerodynamic effect to rotate blades and transform wind into mechanical energy, the mechanical energy then transformed into electric power through generator. The modernized wind turbine can achieve power conversion efficiency between 20-40%.

The YikeBike! http://www.yikebike.com Who said Going Green can’t be cool! The YikeBike is a statement about using smart technology to solve the problems of our increasingly congested, polluted, stressful cities. Fun, innovative, eco-friendly, and sleek, we’re proud to be a part of introducing the YikeBike to the world!