Turn Earth Green

About Us

Turn Earth Green, a 501c(3) non profit organization (#45-2278355), was founded to help create a healthier, cleaner environment for future generations to come by assisting other non profit organizations, families in need, and various establishments implement responsible Green Initiatives.

Our motivation is simple. We want to give back to those who are making a positive impact in our communities and to also give back to families who could simply use a helping hand. By implementing various Green Initiatives, we hope to reduce their monthly expenses, increase their financial sustainability and environmental responsibility, all while saving our environment.

We are working to address some of the greatest challenges our Earth faces. Challenges such as the depletion of natural resources, over abundance of waste, and global warming are just some examples. As important as it is to realize that we have just one life to live, we also must realize that we only have one Earth to live it on. The statistics are alarming on how we are damaging our communities, countries, and planet with pollution and waste.  With the technology and resources we have today, the time to help others and help our environment is now! Join us as we try to Turn Earth Green!

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Our Commitment:

We are committing ourselves to create a healthier and cleaner environment and strive to become a model and leader for environmental stewardship for the conservation of energy, natural resources, and the reduction of waste.

Blayne Yamamoto – Founder

Blayne Yamamoto - Founder and VisionaryAs Turn Earth Green’s founder, Blayne is committed to educate and assist various individuals and businesses in implementing various Green programs, processes, and systems.

Originally from Hilo, Hawaii, Blayne has a fascination with the technology, products, and potential of making a positive impact both financially and environmentally with the Green industry. Whether it’s simple recycling programs or advanced alternative energy systems, Blayne has since been intrigued with the endless opportunities in this industry.

With over 12 years in management with MGM Resorts International, Blayne will be overseeing the daily operation of the organization. Blayne graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2001 specializing in Management Information Systems.

My Motivation

“I have been very fortunate to have a great career that I truly love, been blessed with wonderful family and friends, and I’m one who simply enjoys this gift called Life each and every day. Looking at how blessed I’ve been, I can’t really put it much simpler; I’ve just reached a point in my life of wanting to give back. It’s been such a blessing to have been introduced to the “Going Green” concept a few years ago and I have found a way to use this concept to help others along with helping our environment. Along with my current Food and Beverage career, I have now found something else that I am truly passionate about. I’ve discovered a concept, industry, and lifestyle that has so much potential to not only help others financially, but to do what’s right for our planet and environment.  My job now is to educate and introduce these products to as many individuals, organizations, and establishments as possible. Please join myself and my team as we try to Turn Earth Green!”